Monday, April 18, 2005

Phil Donahue on Link TV.

Link TV (I get it via DirecTV) is broadcasting a Democracy Now begathon. Currently Phil Donahue is speaking and what a load he is delivering.

He just uttered something that blows my mind. He states the Republicans have spent millions of millions of dollars to convince the nation the left is afraid of war full of wimps. WOW! That is a good one. We didn't have to spend millions and millions of dollars, the left had to become full of people just like him!

Phil you are the epitome of wimpiness and the likes of you have taken control of the Democratic party. No don't worry I will not call you a "looney liberal". To call you a liberal is insulting to liberalism a fine tradition which you and your ilk are abandoning. No, instead you are a "looney leftist"!

I could go on about the lies he is spewing but enough time I have not.


  1. 12:59 pm 4/18/2005
  2. Wording correction in the first sentence of the second paragraph.