Friday, April 29, 2005

Quite a bit in Today's Post Crescent.

Today's Post Crescent.

Quite a bit of silliness in today's Post Crescent. First off, in the calls section we have a goof who has no clue about feral cats. He says those who think killing feral cats will save the birds probably thinks killing woodpeckers will save the forests. What a moron. I have sent many bits over the wire on this topic and another 4,000 or so bits will add very little to this.

We have Earl Gates whining about the President's nominees for the judiciary. What Mr. Gates so conveniently forgets is it takes two to be partisan. The left is not interested in justices as they are legislators.

One fellow who reappeared in the letter's section is Robert Nordlander. For those of you who don't know Robert Nordlander he is an atheist and I believe he is on a mission with the zeal that is quite religious. What is that mission? To convert us rubes to his faith. He denies the religious basis for the founding of our nation and government. He does this by quoting James Madison. Sure, Robert, you can find a quote from a person or two. How about what the First President did while in office? Sure the opinion and actions of George Washington count for something? No? Nordlander then goes onto talk about the enlightened thinkers of the 1600s and 1700s who fought against the church. I say unto you Robert Nordlander: So? We have a lot more quotes than you do!