Thursday, April 28, 2005

Misleading Headline.

Found on The Drudge Report: "House Passes Abortion Restrictions for Minors... ". This refers to the Child Custody Protection act and this bill is designed to prevent minors from short-circuiting state parental notification laws by going out of state for an abortion.

This is not an additional restriction, it just makes sure the parents or at least an adult helps guide the young woman through a very difficult time. You know parental permission is not such a crazy thing here.

Minors need permission to get their ears pierced. So then why all of a sudden do we think a young woman who already displayed a lapse a good judgment will make the right call when it comes to abortion? I do support the provision (that is found in most if not all of these laws) to get permission from a judge instead of parents, in situations where the girl can reasonably suspect physical abuse from her parents due to the request.