Thursday, April 28, 2005

Reid's Offer.

Yesterday Senator Reid and the Senate Democrats offered to allow the senate to vote on three blocked judges in exchange for not amending the Senate rules to disallow the filibuster of judicial nominees. Senator Frist correctly turned the offer down.

Certainly the left does not like any of the nominees, and do not want any of them in line for the Supreme court nomination. This is not the issue anymore it is a larger one. Rush brought this up yesterday. If the filibuster goes away for judicial nominees then the left will not be able to filibuster any upcoming supreme court nominee, the left odes not want to lose that handy weapon.

As to the constant claims of constitutionality of the filibuster make (both sides make arguments about that) you should know my opinion of that. Both arguments are rubbish.

The prudence of the abolishing the filibuster is the question. I lean to the Republican side (duhh, I am a Republican) because the present battle is the one you focus on winning. If the judicial filibuster goes away (it is seeming more and more likely) then there will be a day when the GOP wishes they had it or the Dems will someday repeal the filibuster in another situation they find convenient for the own purposes. Such shows the need to win elections.

The left pulled this weapon out way too soon. They should have waited until they saw the whites of a supreme court nominee's eyes. I don't feel bad for them.

Another example of how the filibuster is not The Suppressed Blog!