Sunday, April 10, 2005

Responding to Maggie Christie.

In the Sunday April 10th Appleton Post Crescent.

I will take it one paragraph at a time.

Photo ID bill infringes on electors’ civil rights
I’m a naturalized citizen and consider voting both a privilege and a duty. When I first became eligible to vote, I registered and produced the necessary identification papers. Since then, my name and address have been on the poll lists.

Good for you! We are happy you chose the USA as your homeland.

Yes, your name and all that is indeed on the poll listings. Those listings are public information so anyone could obtain the listing and tell their friend Ms. Smith to walk in and claim they are you, Ms. Christie. Then when you go to vote you are denied because you already voted.

I would consider it a discourtesy, at best, and an infringement of my civil rights, at worst, if I was asked to prove my identity each time I cast a ballot.

I do not look forward to a society where a national identification card may be required for every citizen and I do not support baby steps to get to that point.

Maggie Christie,


A discourtesy? It is a much bigger discourtesy to be told you already voted when in fact you did not. An ID card is not an infringement of your civil rights, it is PROTECTING those same rights. If others are voting multiple times, from bogus registrations and the like then your vote is diminished. Wait a minute? I thought voting was a privilege?

The driver's license used to be good enough to determine residency, now it is becoming worthless for that. A national ID card is looking to be a better and better idea.

No Maggie, you are not the one protecting our civil liberties, you are working to enable vote fraud and THAT is an erosion of our civil liberties.