Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Schiavo Memo ...I Almost Said It!

Responds to a charge that the Blogs are now on equal level with the MSM.

Paul rebuts the charge quite easily. All the blogs that I read have either:

  • Not charged the memo to be fake.

  • Fully and openly retracted the claim.

The problem is some in the MSM or in sympathy with the MSM are saying "Gotcha! Push a fake memo story and the memo proves true! You are no better than Rather!" The problem is CBS never went out and said the memo was fake, they just stopped claiming it was real.

Don't ever forget there was real misreporting in the story. The original story stated it was crafted and distribute by Republican leaders to all Republican Senators. Not true.

There is no doubt the trophy is not as big as Rather, but it certainly is bigger than Gurkett/Gannon woodchuck the Libs have in their trophy-room.