Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why I Believe. Part III.

One common explanation of my belief people raise is I was born into a Catholic family, ergo I am Catholic. Another line of explanation is similar; everyone around is Christian and therefore you follow the crowd. Both of those explanations have some validity.

It is in no way remarkable to think if I were born into a family in Saudi Arabia I would be Muslim. This is thinking of things in the wrong order. I do not believe in the Christian Catholic version of God by accident of birth, I believe because God wills it and God willed my birth into a Christian Catholic family. I hear the guffaws already, come on Marcus! This is nothing but self-justifying reasoning! Recall the previous discussion, faith is irrational but may not be crazy and in this case it is not crazy.

It all comes back down to faith, doesn't it? God has his reasons for what goes on in this world. We all want to believe the will of God is all sun and fun; unfortunately, it is not. If you have been around for a while you have found out that what may seem a disaster, later turns out to be a lucky stroke. We must learn to deal with adversity and with the help of Our Lord get through it.

In the end rational explanations count for little. Irrational it may be, crazy it is not.