Friday, April 08, 2005


Long time no blog.

The reason is because I was working on adding style to NEW Bayanihan's homepage. I don't have the whole style propagated throughout the whole site but at least the index page is snazzed up! So to is the DOUBT homepage. Next mission on that is some lower level development to create a PHP routine that accepts a parameter that tells it which page to load. The layout would be roughly equivalent to the main index page.

This way when we start up a new project or similar all I need to do is to create the lower level pages, and then update a database table. This expedites the creation and update of pages, it automates the addition and removal of items from a page (for example I can set a last date to have a link published, when that day passes the link goes away without my intervention), and it standardizes the style. Right now each main index page is styled slightly differently.

I learned quite a bit doing this and IMO the NEW Bayanihan main page looks better!