Friday, April 15, 2005

Too Hot of a Kitchen For Mary Mapes.

Mary Mapes mopes:
"Conservative bloggers are part of the story. They have vilified me, mounted a "wilding" attack against me...we were, it seemed the first victims of a new kind of digital McCarthyism, which uses the same techniques as the old McCarthyism-rumors, slurs, false charges and ugly attacks-but now employs the Internet, talk radio and cable TV echo chamber to ricochet information around the world...meanwhile, the mainstream media...were happy to stoke the firewood on a competitor's funeral pyre, repeating the conservative blogs, mischaracterizing events and not doing any real reporting of their own. Honestly, it hurt. It all hurt terribly...."
Source: Little Green Footballs: Mapes: I'm a Victim of a Wilding

You see Mary the best case scenario for "the document" is your inability to prove its origin. The worst case scenario for you is it is an outright fraud and I lean to the later. You and your team was so gung-ho on becoming the next "Woodward n Bernstein" you forgot you need real proof.

Spare us the self-pity. You involved yourself and your team in presidential politics, you used fraudulent evidence to support a silly case and the blogosphere discovered your fraud. If you continue to hold yourself blameless and not reflect on the over-zealousness which blinded you to the truth than your career is over and only will continue to take you seriously!