Friday, April 15, 2005

Vatican Rethinking Islamic Relations.

Saw this on LGF.
ROME, April 12 - After two decades of contact and dialogue with the Islamic world under Pope John Paul II, the Vatican is rethinking an outreach program that critics say is diluting Catholicism and has brought almost no benefits to beleaguered Catholic minorities in Muslim countries.
Source: Little Green Footballs: Vatican Is Rethinking Relations With Islam
First off the first consideration is not a cost/benefit analysis but a right wrong analysis. To try to work for better ties with Islam is right because it is.

While it is a good thing to work to a better understanding with Islam it must be done with clear thinking. Clear thinking means recognizing Islamic nations are not going to do quid-pro-quos for many issues. Just because there are mosques in the Vatican (there are) do not expect Saudia Arabia (There are chuches in Arabia, just not Saudia Arabia) to allow churches anywhere in Saudia let along Mecca or Medina. Do not expect them to forgive (and spare) Christians who work to convert Muslims (or issue death threats in other lands). Expect them to assert their political will when they become majorities in Europe and that political will is for the supremacy of Sharia law.

Cooperation on issues of mutual concern is important and desired but do not for a minute think because Islamic scholars are with us on a given issue they are "understanding" of our positions on all.