Thursday, April 21, 2005


This is growing tiresome, isn't it?

What they hay is YALCFA, you say? Yet Another Leftist Call For Assassination. This time the crosshairs have shifted across the Atlantic, yes the left is now calling for the assassination of Pope Benedict XVI. Martin Pike a member of The Labour Party states thusly:
If he wasn't such a nasty little fascist then perhaps the hitler youth membership wouldn't seem so....flowing.

But seriously, no need to hold that against him. He's a c*nt and I hope he gets assasinated, [sic] and that's based on who he is now not who he was over half a century ago.
Source: Haloscan Comments.

Now, Mr. Pike later commented he regretted making those comments but the fact he offered that comment up in the first place tells much. I don't believe he regrets the comment I think he regrets the consequences of what he said. Go have a vegemite sandwich you murderous twit Martin Pike!