Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Different Take on Wretchard's Analysis.

Wretchard in his Gorgeous George Galloway blog does make the following comment: "Unless the Oil for Food hearings have come to a complete dead end, Coleman and Levin's examination of Galloway aren't the pointless thrashings of Senators at a loss to respond to the devastating wit of the British MP..." Later on however, he publishes commentary from a reader that indicates he thinks shining the light up the Galloway tree is not worth the effort. That chasing Galloway, no matter how galling the man is, is a diversion from the big time crooks:
The Galloway/Pasqua report is here and the minority report is here. Until I see full exploration of the Strong/Desmarais/Paribas links by this committee I'm afraid that I'm going to regard it as a smokescreen. Don Kofi is a sottocapo figurehead being set up to take a fall for Mr. Big. The PowerCorp/Total/Final/Elf connections are where the real trail leads - that and the material supplier kick backs - not the oil surcharges.
Source: The Belmont Club - Gorgeous George Galloway 2