Saturday, May 21, 2005

Whiney Blogging.

I must apologize for my blog the other day where I relate the story about the e-mail exchange between myself and my former colleague in Dubai. In my mind it comes off as naive and whiney.

With my interest and dedication to my political beliefs I know this is sort of thing is in big bold letters (i.e. you may PO friends, relatives, and others) in the contract I signed. Still, one hopes that the people that one holds dear are in harmony with one's views. We are not.

I don't know if the friendship is in danger or not but since I have not personally seen this fellow in some years (I was at the airport when he returned from the UAE after finishing his job at the UAEU) and him and his mother came to our wedding.

As far as I am concerned I care more for the relationship than the politics but it is up to him. Claudia and I have good and close friends who are as active in Democratic party & machinery politics as we are in Republican.

As someone once said let the dead tend to the dead and move on. I hope it doesn't come to that but it might.

And so it goes.