Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blogroll Policies.

  1. I will only blogroll sites I deem suitable for my audience. I aim for a PG-13 at the highest. If your blogs frequently involve lewdness, cussing and the like, I will not blogroll your site.

  2. If your site is suitable, blogrolling Blogger Beer on your blog (you have to let me know, but sooner or later I usually pick up on it) earns your blog a reciprocal link on Blogger Beer.

  3. If I like your site and blogroll without a reciprocal link, you are dumped into the priority 99 bin, that is at the bottom. As soon as you blogroll Blogger Beer on your site (and let me know) I will raise your priority.

  4. Blogs I have no chance (or little) of being blogrolled on (e.g. Michelle Malkin, LGF, Powerline etc) have their own category. All others have to earn their way up.

  5. Blogger Beer does not exchange links for carrying one of the blogroll broadcasters I belong to (e.g. GOP Bloggers), you must have a permanent link to Blogger Beer for exchange considerations.

  6. If you notify me you intend to blogroll Blogger Beer I will place your blog into bin 99 until you have carried through on your promise to blogroll Blogger Beer.

  7. All blogroll decisions while never final are all and completely mine.

  8. I will blogroll leftist blogs that comply with item 1 above in exchange for Blogrolling Blogger Beer. Pleae notify me when adding Blogger Beer to your blogroll.

  9. In all cases please notify me if you want to exchange a blogroll link. I see links coming in sooner or later but since I am a GOP Blogger I get quite a few links based on broadcast blogrolls (which are temporary in nature) and so I do believe I am starting to miss permanent blogroll links.