Sunday, May 15, 2005

Father John Leaving.

Today at St. Bernard's Parish we had a farewell party for Fr. John. We will miss him as Fr. John is an extremely well loved Priest. He was ordered to another parish by Bishop Zubick.

I hope readers of this blog from the Parish (are there any?) realize we go to mass not for the Priest but for the honor and glory of God. We got to rejuvenate our souls and the Priest is just a standin for Jesus. We go for Jesus and God.

In my parish in Al-Ain we had something similar happen. Fr. Francis had an accident and was seriously injured. He recovered but was not up to running a parish on his own anymore. We then had Fr. Matthew. It was sad to see but attendance from the Western crowd dropped dramatically. Fr. Matthew was no doubt more reserved than Fr. Francis and the masses too were more riveting but it appears people had lost sight of what we attend mass.

I hope this does not happen at St. Bernards.