Friday, May 13, 2005

Immigration Again.

Many people complain how our immigration system is broken. Our leaders propose to do something about that and rarely do our leaders truly propose to fix the system.

Most of those proposals include a track to regularize the status of an illegal immigrant. This is all well and good, but if those proposal do not include more stringent border controls then they fix nothing! There is a hole in the dam and our elected leaders suggest we buy houseboats. I don't mind buying a rowboat to keep us above the water while the dam is fixed but refuse to buy a houseboat because they will not fix the dam.

There is remarkable bipartisanship with respect to immigration. I have blogged about immigration in the past. I have no problem with immigration and believe there are good debates on both sides arguing for either increased or decreased immigration. However, we need to control our borders! We spend more time and effort controlling Iraqi borders than we do our own! Why is this? We have bad guys trying to get into Iraq via Syria and Iran and so too the case here.

Some protest controlling our borders is unfair to the poor people trying to come to America for a better life. This is true, but remember illegal immigration puts those immigrants into a situation where unscrupulous employers can abuse them. Unchecked illegal immigration also undercuts the earnings of those on the bottom end of the wage scale. Perhaps those in industry who need more labor need to pay more or lobby their legislators for more legal immigration.

Our society also requires time to assimilate all of the immigrants. As you may be aware I used to live in the UAE where they too had a problem with large scale immigration. Their children often times spoke more fluent Urdu, Hindi or Tagalog than Arabic, why? Because of the massive
amount of cheap labor. The locals have drivers, gardeners, and nannies. Few of those servants are Arabic and often times have greater influence on the children than the parents do. That is cultural suicide!

Our culture IS worth protecting! Our culture does change with time due to the influence of our immigrants but our society should pick the best parts of a culture and discard those contrary to the true and good. For example we have a goodly number of immigrants from India, do we welcome sati? No we do not. If we do not control immigration we face the danger of losing the best of our culture and gaining the worst of others.

Our leaders constantly tell us their plans are not amnesties. Okay-okay whatever! None the less amnesty without border control shows our government is not serious about enforcing our borders. I do not care if legal immigration levels are increased 100x, make sure those coming in
are good and will contribute even if it is sweeping up floors in an office.