Monday, May 16, 2005


Why is it the MSM seems to place blind faith in the testimony of Al-Qaeda and Talibaners coming out of Gitmo? I recall one story about how one guy talked about the terrible torture applied to him in Gitmo. He described how his captors rolled out a concrete treadmill, wired him up and made him run under threat of electrocution.

Sounds like a stress test, that is they were making sure his health was good; that is to say they were taking proper care of him. I do not recall any of the mainstream mastadons (MSM) questioning this guys testimony. Why was there no follow up on that report? Seems like the mastadons are quite eager to hear and report on any story that makes the USA look bad. In fact Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs takes a page out of the Talibaner & Al-Qaeda handbook (literally) and shows us how the mainstream mastadons are playing a key and cooperative role in the Al-Qaeda & Talibaner game plan.

You can be quite certain pretty soon we will be seeing some more Internet beheadings. Those beheadings will come complete with a statement telling us how we deserve such treatment for what happened to the Qur'ran at Gitmo (whether it happened or not is now utterly irrelevant). Some poor soul will be trotted out bound up, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and some thug will cut his head off in a slow and tortuous manner. Of course the usual suspects (ie Dowd, Krugman, Moore et al.) will blame the Presiedent.

IMO, Newsweek has no excuse in this matter. Even if the story is true, what import does it carry that it must be reported on? It seems the Mainstream Mastadons have come to believe any treatment beyond prodding with soft cushions, and being sat in the comfy chair (with 11:00 am coffee service) is torture and must be zealously exposed.

I do not believe Newsweek can hide behind surprise as to the response. Certainly they know enough of the world to have known what the reaction would be. Perhaps their disdain for religion and belief only Republican voting Red Stater fundie Christian hicks only take offense at religious
insult led them to believe there would be no serious reaction by the Muslim community.