Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh Canada.

We all know the stories about the PESTy people wanting to leave the USA for Canada after their guy lost the election to George W. Bush. This made many people think, many of whom are much smarter and insightful than myself.

Though, one thing I have never seen written is comparisons of this phenomena with respect to the founding of our nation. Back then there were also people who left the States for Canada. These people for whatever reason wanted to be part of a tradition more like what was in Britain rather than setting of on their own. This exactly what the PESTs and the left complain about. Our nation is not like the UK and Europe and therefore is not fit to live in, off to Canada they go.

Our nation was founded by those who were either cast off by Britain or by those who cast off Britain. The Old World wanted nothing of them and those leaving may have not been happy leaving but they figured it could not be worse in the New World. When Britain began to assert itself over the colonies, the New World inhabitants rebelled, why wouldn't they? They moved across an ocean to escape Britain and then Britain comes after them. Those who came along with the idea of New Britain went to Canada to escape the war.

So too it is today. The people who clamor for socialized medicine, the abolition of the death penalty, Kyoto, the ICC and so on, realize their vision is an Old World vision and the United States is not of the Old World but of the New World, while at least the politically powerful areas of Canada is Old World and that is all that matters.