Tuesday, May 24, 2005

LGF and Ayan HIrsi Ali.

One of the stories I have been following is that of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and other Dutch leaders who are being threatened by RoP members.

LGF publishes a translated excerpt from an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali the Somali born woman who is under virtual house arrest because of the threats made against her life by Islamic extremists.

She sees the siren singing the beautiful song of multiculturalism:
Because the left is exactly like the Muslims! I wanted to give priority to the defense of immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence. They said to me: "No, that's not a priority! The problem will take care of itself when the immigrants have jobs and are integrated." It is exactly what the Imams say who demand that we accept oppression and slavery today because tomorrow, in Heaven, God will give us dates and raisins ... . I think we need first to defend the individual. The left is afraid of everything. But fear of giving offense leads to injustice and suffering.
Source: Little Green Footballs - Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the 'Left' and 'Multiculturalism'

I particularly like the analogy between "jobs and are integrated" and "dates and raisins". The thing that stuns me, isn't multiculturalism opposed to the integration of immigrant cultures into the mainstream? How can they be acting like it is a sure thing when it is almost politically impossible to create measures to bring it about? The problem in the Netherlands is not that a major immigrant group is not assimilating, they are working to absorb their host.