Sunday, May 01, 2005

We Are Back!

Claudia and I just returned from a weekend in Wisconsin Dells. I tried to blog by cell-phone but apparently nothing made it through.

Today is the First of $%$#ing May and it was snowing on us! We were riding a WI Dells duck boat which is open and we were getting snowed on! Not only do we have one of the heaviest tax burdens we get snow on the first of May!

Despite that weather SNAFU we all had a real good time. Augustus and Adria were present and they are both doing real well. The cabin was real nice and was in great location, we were right on the Dell River and we could see the Tim's Mill dam from the kitchen window. There was plenty of space and it even came with the rental cabin smell!

I don't know what it is but rental cabins all seem to have the same sort of smell to them. And I was transported back many years and a few miles away to a place we would get away to on Shawano lake. That cabin had the same smell to it.

didn't get much news or events this weekend, made some progress on that book I have been reading so this will probably be it for the night. Other things to do!