Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Has been in the news a lot of late. Tony Blair urging more dollars for Africa, Bob Geldoff working to organize bloggers left and right to push for aid to Africa, and this blog by Wretchard.

I can not recall who said it, but it was once said that foreign aid was the best way imagined to transfer wealth from hard working not so wealthy people to wealthy tyrants. This is what is intriguing about Bob Geldoff's vision. He wants to couple aid with pressures to reform both governments and economies. His vision is not one of socialism but of free market enterprise and popular governments, that is he wants the African nations liberalized (in the classical sense) as a condition for assistance. At least the smattering of reports on this conference that I have read indicate that.

Wretchard has been blogging on Zimbabwe of late and how dire the situation is becoming there. I do not believe Mugabe will be in power for much longer the question is how many innocent people die in his downfall. Quite a few are now, the farmers which used to make Zimbabwe self-sufficient (food-wise) have been killed or driven from their farms, Zimbabwe now must import food. Of course, Mugabe and his cronies decide who gets the food and who doesn't. Wretchard's outlook regarding Zimbabwe is bleak and for good reason. There is no reforming Mugabe and that government, soon Zimbabwe will become a domain for blue helmeted pedophiles. So sad.