Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Follow Up Commentary.

Yesterday at the Badger Blog Alliance I posted some commentary on the Washington State election fiasco and compared it to our situation and how our fine fine fine Governor Doyle refuses to fix the problems with our voting system. My blog elicited the following comment:

I was an "observer" on election day and I too agree that same day registration needs to be stopped. There were approx. 860 ballots cast where I was and I'm sure over half were new walk ins that day. It was a very messy situation. There was also a "translator" there to help new registrants and a lawyer in case they had problems. We also had a situation in another ward where an observer heard a translator speaking in spanish & hmong helping new registrants and then telling them, in their own language, to vote for kerry. it was reported to the voter fraud hotline and the translator was removed. thank God for that observer who also spoke both those languages.
Source: Badger Blog Alliance comment by Kneenor

I would really be interested in hearing more of these stories (tales of monkey business by both sides). The one time I poll watched (the focus was get out the vote and not fraud) I only saw one thing I did not like and it was attributable to ignorance and not malevolence (but the precinct boss told me he was on top of it and advised this fellow to stop what he was doing).

Same day registration is a big problem. Are there any poll workers reading this? Does the registration team have lists of felons and those otherwise ineligible to vote, or do we go on the word of the registrant?