Thursday, July 28, 2005

Elizabeth Kastner & Needles.

Kevin at Lakeshore Laments reports on a storm that straddles the Green Bay (body of water).

Apparently, a leftist activist from Fish Creek (Door County) collected needles used to give her daughter insulin. Then she gave those needles to Governor Doyle's office who then delivered them to John Gard's office. The stunt was designed to generate pro-embryonic stem cell research publicity.

Kevin then googled Elizabeth Kastner and found her all too plenty leftist activities and affiliations. When I read that blog last night I then went to Wisconsin's Circuit Court Access Program (an easy google) and I plunked Elizabeth Kastner into it. It too has plenty of returns and it seems the returns are all consistent with what is known about this peronality we refer to as Elizabeth Kastner. Nothing too big, and one must remember there are medical problems in her family and it is medical problems are the root cause for the majority of bankruptcies., and medical problems can lead to financial difficulties. [7/30/2005 10:52 pm, the striken text while coming close does not properly characterize what a search on the CCAP reveals. The new text is a much better fit.]

Anyway. Rereading the blog this morning I wonder why the focus is on Elizabeth? From Lakeshore Laments:
Doyle aide Patrick Guarasci delivered [emphasis added] a brown paper bag filled with more than 1,400 capped needles and syringes to Gard’s office on July 19. The bag was given to Doyle’s aides during a visit to Baileys Harbor on July 14 by a woman whose daughter suffers from juvenile diabetes.
Source: Lakeshore Laments -
The Wisconsin MediaÂ’s New Star

It may have been Elizabeth giggling and snorting with laughter who suggested this foolish prank, but it was Doyle's office and aides (and Kevin points out discrepancies on reports of Doyle's knowledge of this affair) who actually executed the prank. To be fair, I highly doubt Governor Doyle would have known about this, while I happen to disagree with Doyle on most everything he does seem to be grown up. OTOH, Elizabeth and Mr. Guarasci have some growing up to do.

You know, there is a reason the needle boxes in hospitals and clinics look scarey and try to encourage us to treat those boxes with those needles with caution.

To the left, if you want to talk about embryonic stem cell reasearch then do it in an adult fashion.