Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Last Bit.

I will be reviving "Sunshine in the Valley", and The Last Bit.

Tonight, Claudia and I were out and about escaping the heat by driving in the car with the A/C. I needed to get some dinner and did not feel like firing up the stove or doing any such thing. We went to a DQ (Dairy Queen) hoping it was a brazier but no such luck. There are two in town and they are both just ice cream shops. So, then we went to KFC.

A sticker on the counter says if you don't get a receipt the dinner is on KFC and I was able to collect a free dinner. Normally I might have just said nothing but it was the right thing to do. The girl behind the counter then started handing the receipts out. I darned near got another $20 out of it too! First she gave me like $11.00 and I pointed out that to be wrong, then another fellow came over and asked what I paid with and she retorted $20. So give him a $20 the junior rocket scientist stated pulling a $20 out of the cash register. I pointed out the receipt and said just $6.60 what it says my meal cost! I tell ya!

Claudia and I then went to one of those manual car wash centers. We had never been in one before but it is kind of bait and switch. It says $1.50 for a wash, but unless you are super super fast and your car really isn't dirty you will spend more. Nothing special.

A couple of friends of our met up and we drove to "The Lot". Oh, Claudia and I are working to become a Baroness & a Baron! We have an accepted offer on a lot outside of town. Total area is about 1.4 acres, buildable is 1.25, beautiful lot. Quiet, great views, on a named road, perfect for a walkout. Will keep you posted.

So we looked at it and walked it out a bit. Then chatted up with our friends and their boy.

Then we parted company and here I am in a hot room blogging. But I have not been sleeping too well so it is early to bed for me.

Take Care & God Bless!