Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Poor Bench Performance.

Wretchard at the Belmont Club speculates the attempted attacks on the UK Subway and on the bus were not copycat attacks, but a follow up.

It appears my speculation from earlier today was not correct.

Wretchard talks about the importance of rings of defense and his belief these rings impeded today's would be murderers enough to disrupt their attack. I am skeptical of that, but there may be something there. The murderers from two weeks ago went 4/4 today they went 0/4 so perhaps something or someone in their support system was unable to perform up to expectations.

The overall point Wretchard makes is a good one. He refers to the techniques the USN developed to fight the kamikaze threat:
When faced with the suicide attack problem (Kamikazes) during the Second World War, US fleets adopted the concept of the layered defense around battlegroups, consisting of attacking enemy airfields, providing a radar picket on enemy lines of approach, creating a combat air patrol to intercept incoming Kamikazes and then presenting a succession of long, medium and short-range antiaircraft fire, before finally falling back on warship evasion, armor and damage control. Each component in the defense contributed its statistical share of the defense.
Source: The Belmont Club - The Second Wave of London Attacks

That is, the defense against the Kamikaze threat manifested itself in ways not apparently connected with defense or kamikaze attacks. That is the part about attacking Japanese strongholds. In addition, there was not a single layer of defense but multiple.

The left in our nation says the Iraqi war is a huge misallocation of resources in the GWOT. They often claim we could better use those resources to protect our busses, subways, airports, sea ports etc. This is unreality.

First off, there are simply not enough resources to secure all of our planes, trains, busses, seaports, and airports. Rich Lowry at National Review recently penned a column on how the homeland defense budget has become yet another food-trough.

The next thing to ask is if a massive homeland defense buildup is going to be another Maginot Line? The answer is yes it would be. The French were so confident their wonderful new fort would keep the Wermacht out of France they neglected all other military considerations and felt they could be completely at ease. As we all know (or as we all should know) this magnificent Maginot Line did absolutely nothing to stop the Germans.

We need to defend our Western culture and way of life and part of this is to eliminate those who would impose dhimnitude upon us.