Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Botched Attack or Diversion?

The reports as I have seen from London make little sense when put into the standard framework of thought.

Terrorists have been on record as taunting the UK citizenry and authorities. They say they can carry out such attacks at will and the cameras don't stop them. Duhhhh! Cameras are for post-incident investigation not for prevention. The camera at the intersection doesn't stop anyone from running a red-light, it allows the authorities to ticket them! Obviously if someone is going to kill themselves to carry out an attack they are not worried about cameras.

The reports indicate there were pyrotechnics that did go off in the trains and the bus. The reports go on to (the one or two I have read) liken the pyrotechnics to fireworks. I have yet to hear of any injury related to the bombing (though, it seems likely with the bus windows being blown out) the only report of injury seems to be linked to panic and not the actual attack.

Speculation has been that the bombs must have malfunctioned. We have four bombs and not one works as one would expect? I am skeptical, I am worried we are looking at a diversion here.

These were not suicide attacks. Reports indicate further, in at least one instance one person dropped their package (a rucksack with the bomb) and split. Train riders attempted to detain the man but failed.