Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Scandal Continues.

Nope, not the needle scandal, not the Plame-Wilson faux scandal but the political scandal in the Philippines. Willie Galang provides some good commentary on the matter.

I too am generally supportive of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) if for no other reason than who else?

His main point is GMA is handling it poorly:
I am also not satisfied with how the government is defending itself against what I believe is the biggest demolition job so far by the Estrada-Poe-Marcos cabal on Arroyo. Yesterday, Arroyo faced the media for the first time since the current scandal broke out but the press conference turned out to be a farce. Questions were pre-screened. Media men were not allowed to ask anything about “Gloriagate” matters. Even the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) wasn’t allowed to join. Now I wonder, how can President Arroyo mount a credible and strong defensive stance on all the charges hurled against her if she can’t even face the media to answer questions straightforwardly? Her credibility is dwindling -- and fast. It’s not a surprise that, in a recent survey, a lot of Filipinos were ensnared into thinking that the Marcos dictatorship and the Estrada kleptocracy were better administrations than the present one. (Sorry but I will not fall into that trap.)

Shape up, Madame President. It’s not too late.
Source: Willie Galang - Charter change used as a diversion

His comments focus on GMA's call for a cha-cha (charter change, or con-con constitutional convention) that he believes (and so too do I) is diversionary and will not solve a single problem. I too agree, I do not see how things will get better with a parlimentary system. Instead of having a corrupt congressmen, senators, and executives you will have corrupt MPs and PMs.