Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Warm Summer Sunday.

Summertime going to come and go my oh my.

What a glorious Sunday in the Valley! It was warm a 91 or 92 was our hight today but there was a nice breeze all day long. I was up and at 'em early and made some barbecued beans and a cucubmer salad for our dinner tonight. Did some shopping did some house cleaning and all of that. Put my Grateful Dead Alpine Valley DVD on and it was quite inspiring. As much as I like classical music nothing like the 'Dead on a nice warm summer day. NOTHING!

We had eight guests or so for dinner tonight. Had roasted corn, brats, sitaw, dried fish (aka tuyo), dried squid, rice, cucubmer salad, cole-slaw, barbecued beans, cake, beer (bud Light, Thanks Julie! & Summitt Heffe Weiss), and I know I am missing something.

I was bouncing ideas off of people and found a couple very eager about these ideas, others were so-so. So I know who I can approach further about trying to make those ideas reality.

I am glad we do not have an air conditioner. I am soaking up the warmth as much as I can. This weather really is not that hot, we CAN make it through without AC.

Besides, do you really want to return to the cold January? I do, but that is me.

Summertime going to come and go my oh my!