Friday, July 29, 2005

Not Photoshoped!

Over at the Jawa Report they post a photo of an altered American flag. They have the stars & stripes but instead of the 50 stars they have a crescent moon. In front of the flag is a guy with his head bowed undoubtedly point at Mecca.

The initial thought was:
When I saw this image at Clarity and Resolve, I thought that it was one of Patrick's making. He's no slacker when it comes to Photoshopping:....Imagine my surprise when I followed a link to discover that it was actually included in a CBS News online article.

An article, by the way, about the so-called "fatwa against terrorism" issued today by representatives of the Religion of Peace residing in the United States.
Source: The Jawa Report - Dan Who?

Tell me know, what can that mean? Can it mean there is thought of Islam co-existing peacefully with the rest of us here? Can it mean the Muslims believe in separation of church and state?