Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hitting Us Below The Belt.

The Terrorists in Iraq are not dumb.

There are many big blogs talking about how they are going to be hitting the media war very hard. They always say hit your enemy where they are the weakest and the terrorists are working on it.

They think their supporters in the media are not doing a good enough job so now they are concentrating on distributing their message via the Internet as well. So we have Al-Jazeera, Al-Pazeera, Al-Reuters, Al-Guardian, and Al-ABC (CBS, CNN, NBC etc) now they are going to hit the Internet harder. Of course their enablers in the MSM will pick up on these Internet drops and broadcast them worldwide.

This is like Michael Moore and similar whining about how the Terrorists hit the capital of leftism in New York City. He whined about how they should have crashed their planes into Texas (of course this was after other countless self-hating insults). Well, see above about the intelligence of the terrorists. They are not going to hit those who will hit back they will hit those who want to capitulate.