Friday, August 19, 2005

Immigration Is Not Good For Mexico Either.

Most arguments against unlimited immigration are US-Centric. That is, the large numbers of illegal immigrants drains our health and welfare systems.

That is true. What is also true but not spoken of often is how the illegal immigration is a problem for Mexico.

Often times free and easy wealth is a way to create bad habits in people. This has happened to Mexico. Unlimited immigration to the US allows Mexico not to improve and grow its economy. I wonder if any studies of illegal immigrant attitudes to leaving their homeland have been conducted?

As you know I spent some years in the UAE and hung with the Overseas Filipino Worker crowd (OFW). I watched close up some of the hardships they had to put up with. Namely, being separated from their loved ones, of course lonely men and women oceans away from their husbands and wives were not always faithful. I heard many stories of women talking about seeing their children once per year (if that), of one person supporting whole extended families and those OFWs having to put themselves into abusive situations. I do not believe the Illegal Mexican worker has it as bad.

They are closer to the homeland and this also means they have a better chance of bringing their families with them. However, would it not be better for Mexico to fix its poor economy?