Friday, August 26, 2005

The Mainstream Misleaders.

This Powerline blog points out how Angela Brown from Al-Pazeera is playing games with the facts when it comes to Cindy Sheehan.

This isn't the first time that Angela Brown has applied a discreet airbrush to the facts relating to Cindy Sheehan. Consider this AP article dated August 11, which begins:

Cindy Sheehan's eyes well with tears when she talks about her oldest son, Casey, an easygoing young man with a quiet wit.

Casey joined the Army in 2000, never imagining he would see combat. Five days after he arrived in Iraq last year, the 24-year-old was killed in Sadr City.

This truncated account is utterly dishonest. Casey Sheehan might not have anticipated combat when he joined the Army in 2000--although I assume anyone who joins the Army expects that he could be called upon to fight--but he most certainly did anticipate combat when he re-enlisted in August 2003, after the Iraq war had begun. According to Sheehan's own account, Casey re-enlisted for the specific purpose of "protect[ing] his buddies" in Iraq. So Angela Brown's narrative, which omits any reference to Casey Sheehan's re-enlistment in the midst of the Iraq war, is highly misleading.
Source: ">Powerline Blog - If the Facts Don't Fit, Make Them Up

Of course there is a little flap emerging via the New York Times.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday offered sympathy for the Israeli settlers who are being removed from their homes in Gaza but also made it clear that she expected Israel and the Palestinians to take further steps in short order toward the creation of a Palestinian state.

"Everyone empathizes with what the Israelis are facing," Ms. Rice said in an interview. But she added, "It cannot be Gaza only."
Source: New York Times as quoted by the Jewish Current Issues - Condoleezza Rice and The New York Times

This elicits the following response:
Since the Roadmap calls for the dismantlement of Palestinian terrorist capabilities and infrastructure in Phase I -- and does not require Israel to remove a single settlement (other than certain "outposts") during that phase -- Rice's comments seemed gratuitously insulting. One would have thought she would emphasize the need for the Palestinians -- after a unilateral Israeli withdrawal that went far beyond their initial Roadmap requirements -- to comply with their own Roadmap obligations.

On the day of the Times story, a commenter at posted this comment: "This just doesn't sound right, or like Dr Rice. . . . She doesn't screw up like this."

Indeed, it didn't . . . she doesn't . . .and in fact the Times made the quote up.
New York Times as quoted by the Jewish Current Issues - Condoleezza Rice and The New York Times

This story did some damage to Secretary Rice's reputation and standing. I recall a certain radio talk show host referring to Secretary Rice as "Condaleeze Reich" (that was Mr. #61). Could it be Mr. 61 that it came from the BS factory of the NYT?

Go to the links in the above quote and you will see what Secretary Rice said, how she said it, and the complete and full context.