Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who? Who? Who?

Not too long ago the NY Times questioned why we do not know the names of any heroes from Iraq.

Why? Who?

Well we know of none because the MSM reporters barely travel outside of safe haven, and when they do they do so it is often with the jihadis and terrorists. Remember the AP stringer who just happened to be tipped off by the jihadis as they murdered election workers? A CBS stringer also found himself arrested with terrorist jihadis. So, if we want to know who the Jihadi heroes are we know where to turn.

Who do we turn to to know who our heroes are? The blogosphere namely Michael Yon. The story linked to is his latest and contains a detailed shot by shot account of a fight in Mosul. Michael posts photographs (don't want to use the shorthand in this case) of the fighting. This includes photos of the wounding of LTC Kurilla commander of Deuce 4 the unit Michael is embedded with.

In fact, contrary to the rules he must abide by Michael picked up a gun and used it. LTC Kurilla had been wounded and was exposed. There were two other young officers present but they were green and were not pushing the attack, Michael relates
I saw Prosser's M4 on the ground, Where did that come from?

I picked up Prosser's M4. It was empty. I saw only Prosser's bloody leg lying still, just inside the darkened doorway, because most of his body was hidden behind a stack of sheet metal.

"Give me some ammo! Give me a magazine!" I yelled, and the young 2nd lieutenant handed over a full 30-round magazine. I jacked it in, released the bolt and hit the forward assist. I had only one magazine, so checked that the selector was on semi-automatic.

I ran back to the corner of the shop and looked at LTC Kurilla who was bleeding, and saw CSM Prosser's extremely bloody leg inside the shop, the rest of him was still obscured from view. I was going to run into the shop and shoot every man with a gun. And I was scared to death.
Source: Michael Yon - Gates of Fire

Mr. Yon was jacked up for that. Lets hope the two young juniors who should have been doing the job were also jacked up or at least shamed by the fact a civvy blogger was doing their job.

Make Michael Yon's blog a weekly read.