Friday, August 26, 2005

A Sad Anniversary.

Dummocrats reminds us
35 years ago today, [Dummocrats posted this on the 24th, I just picked it up myself] four Madison men bombed Sterling Hall, home of an Army Math Research Center, on the University of Wisconsin campus. Karl Armstrong, David Fine, Leo Burt & Dwight Armstrong set the bomb off in the middle of the night, but, tragically, a young physics researcher, Robert Fassnacht, was killed in the explosion and several others were injured. Until Oklahoma City, it was the largest act of domestic terrorism the United States had ever seen.
Source: Dummocrats - Sterling Hall Bombing: 35 Years Later

Actually, the anniversary was on the 24th.

I fear this is something we need to expect. The left is self-marginalizing and they may start to act out with violence starting up a viscous cycle. Lets hope I am wrong about this.