Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mohd Atta.

The Able Danger story is well out. I don't suspect it will get a lot of MSM airtime, maybe more than the Air scAmerica scandal and how Cindi Sheehan's family is asking her to stop her protest.

This story is interesting. Essentially a unit of the DoD discovered Atta and his 9/11 Cohorts were in the states and up to no good. They were instructed not to share the information they gathered with the FBI and reasons have been given, namely they were in the country legally and we go back to the wall.

I fully expect when the MSM finally (if ever) reports the story fully, the spin will be President Bush should have known. Now, some commentators reacting to this warn conservative commentators not to run President Clinton into the ground with this information. The same things that would have led President Bush to backburner such a report are equally applicable for President Clinton.

However, this sort of information should not require Presidential attention. Why wasn't the FBI informed? Reports have it lawyers and "the wall" prevented the information from getting to the FBI.

So, the terrorists plan and we pretend we can not do anything about it.