Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finding Glee in Katrina.

Yes, its true. The person finding glee isn't a foreigner they are an American.

IÂ’m not going to post the piece I started to write.

My original reaction to the Katrina catastrophe was going to be: “NOT ONE DIME.”

For an hour or so, I contemplated the idea of turning it into a crusade: No-one in the blue states (where the money is) should give one dime of aid to the victims of this hurricane, which devastated Bush-friendly regions.

Why did I flirt with such a callous attitude?

Because it should be obvious to all that this tragedy was not just an act of God. Dubya and his diety [sic] conspired to transform mere disaster into an unprecedented mega-catastrophe. ... [ed. Dan Darling reminds us the influenza epidemic of 1918 was far worse in terms of death]

So why was I thinking of starting a movement against giving aid to the stricken areas?

Because these are red states. They voted for Bush. These ninnies obviously wanted these policies, and they deserve to live with the consequences of their votes.
Source: Bradblog via Little Green Footballs.

I don't want to visit Bradblog and give him any traffic. Isn't this disgusting?

First off blue state goof, who feeds you? Where does the gas for your limos & luxury jets come from? It isn't being refined in Upper Manhattan. The bread you buy isn't produced in Queens.

Apparently the saving grace is New Orleans voted for Kerry so Bradblog relents in his judgement.

One last note: But let us make one thing clear: We WILL politicize this issue. You will? Really, I never would have guessed. Excuse me, I have to go take a shower after reading such dirt.

They make fun of the religious but what is all of this talk on their part?