Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina's Destruction.

Is terrible to behold. That which took years of planning and years of building destroyed in a day.

Folly, it is all folly.
Blue Oyster Cult's song Godzilla has a line History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man. Katrina did that. Concrete and steel could not withstand Katrina's powerful winds.

When the Levee Breaks.
That there was the big catastrophe, Laura from Dummocrats got out of New Orleans and was in Dallas TX. She was hopeful about her home but not anymore. She was hearing all of the material and manpower was in place and ready to shore up those levees and they didn't. Why not? They were re-tasked to rescuing those that stayed behind those that were warned there would be no help for them if they got into trouble. Needless to say the Mayor is not happy about that. I don't know, maybe it went down like that, maybe it didn't. It does sound plausible since this is what they were concerned about when it became apparent Katrina was headed for them.

The Here and Now
Make sure you visit The Truth Laid Bear for a conglomeration of links related to the relief effort. Paul from Wizbang asks for an Evacuation Guide for Dummies. Links and the like to guide people on how to get the help they never needed before and need now. BTW, his statements in this blog throw into doubt what I relate above.

The Future.
New Orleans is not going to become a ghost town. No way. Some serious engineering is going to be done and some very critical discoveries are going to be made as to why things failed like they did. Like the folks in San Francisco they will learn, adapt, and carry on.

How many episodes on the History Channel will this inspire? Engineering Failures will certainly make an episode as well as The Wrath of God. I am quite certain a number of specials will be created as well.