Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Discovery!

Preparing for an upcoming trip I went onto E-Bay and am bidding on an IPod Mini (a gift). Well, I have been looking into digital music lately and started getting my system geared up for it.

Well, last night I found a website with the 7/13/1984 Greek Theater Grateful Dead concert all digitized up. That show was my first bootleg tape, the one that opened my ears to the Grateful Dead. What's that you say? Beware of copyrights? The Grateful Dead allow the free dissemination and copying of their concerts, it was not a smooth transition from tapes to digital but they allow digital now. The caveat is you are not to profit from the dissemination of their work.

Well, I have a portion of the show downloaded. The tape I had was the second set and now I have access to the complete concert. I will eventually obtain the tracks song by song and the site also has it set by set (two total) which I will also download since the breaks between the tracks are annoying in a couple of spots.