Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Good Monring.

Well, Week II of the NFL season is complete and I fared pretty poorly at 10-6. I tell you the Giants are a team I can never predict, they lose games they should win they win the games they should lose. If I flip a coin for them I would probably do not better or worse. This is a good thing though. Because I detest Eli Manning, I hope his career flounders with mediocre teams and the Chargers win multiple Superbowls over his career.

Some The Sporting News commentator said we can't blame him for steering his career. Well, you see the NFL has a system to help the poor teams improve, in fact most sporting leagues have similar structures. Why not let the up and coming Superstars choose their teams, this way we can bring back sports dynasties.

Dan Rather is crying (litterally) about the changes in the news profession. MSM can be mainstream media, mainstream misleader, or mainstream mastadons. Dan was dancing at the edge of the tarpit and fell into it. Fake memos Dan, fake memos. More on this later.