Monday, September 19, 2005

Slow Blog Day. Some Quickies.

Not a whole lot happening. Some quick thoughts.

A Savage Mind
Michael Savage was getting himself worked up over traitors selling our jobs to the lowest bidder and hence shipping our jobs to China and so on. I wonder which way he bargains prices? You don't suppose he bargains prices up, do you?

Nagging Doubts
Mayor Nagin reversed himself on the suggestion to come back home to NOLA. President Bush and his team reminded the good mayor there is another hurricane soon to be in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mayor Nagin reversed his suggestion while reminding everyone who was really in charge in NOLA. Yes yes Mr. Mayor whatever you say, will you also be in charge in the next disaster? BTW, did you know he Mayor Nagin is actually a Rovian plant?

Lovely Rita Meter Maid
I am going to Florida for a wedding this weekend. Maybe I will see Lovely Rita... but I hope not. The groom in the wedding will be every bit as entertaining to this inquisitive mind as he was when Katrina was developing. The groom's life ambition is to become the director of the national hurricane center.

The SCOTUS Scrum
Judge Roberts will soon get his Judiciary Committee vote. I see a party line vote there and a confirming vote in the full senate. My guess is it will be about 62-38 for confirmation. Any Democrat with Presidential aspirations will vote against him, lest the wacky left become upset.

Update 9/29/2005
Wrong. The committee vote was not split along party lines and the final vote was 78-22.

Lunacanid Mormoops Watch
OCindy Bin Sheehan is in the news again. I see no reason to wish her off of the stage. Her moonbatty statements are golden. She was calling out Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC)! Apparently OCindy believes HRC despite her vote is opposed to the action in Iraq and wants to cut and run. So, OCindy wants to meet with HRC and has called her office. Wonder if she will camp outside of HRC's office?

In another story OCindy was on some talk show and a mother whose husband was killed in Iraq stood up and denounced OCindy. Way to go, take care as I am sure you are now receiving death threats from the "peace advocates".

One commentator on another blog complained rather bitterly we should ignore OCindy. Why? OCindy's antics need to be brought out for all to see the lunacy of the wacky left.

28 ¢/gallon gasoline!
A buddy of mine informs me the other day a Van Zeeland's service station location mistakenly set one of their pumps to dole out 28 ¢/gallon gasoline. Needless to say he filled up every gas consuming item and every gas holding vessel he had. Just as he was going to fill up his last vehicle the station got wise and shut down all of the pumps. Apparently they went FOUR HOURS like this. The clerk complained how it had better not come out of her pay, probably will not, probably should. Geeze, hours of no one from that pump paying more than $20.00. Oh yeah, its common Mr. Suburban owner comes in and often times squirts in just a gallon of gas.

My buddy prefaced the story by saying Van Zeeland's got a little payback for their "gouging" right after 9/11. I didn't go into it, but I bet many of those people who paid $5.00/gallon on 9/11 also go to the Oneida Casino thinking they will come back a winner. That is, they paid $5.00/gallon because they thought (with some part rational some part herd some part panic) they would be paying $5.50/gallon or higher in the very near future. Van Zeelands had to pay some fines and the like, this all amounts to government sponsored holdup.

Anyway ttyl