Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Family.

While on our way back from Florida and lounging in DTW (Detroit's airport) I phoned a buddy in response to a voice message. He said the father of another friend was found dead in his house.

The coroner performed an autopsy and figures the man was there for about two weeks dead before he was found. A neighbor had not seen him for a while and called the police and when they entered the house, it was obvious.

How very sad. Yet another realization what a precious and special gift my family is. This is not the first time this has dawned on me, only the latest.

When I hear neighbors and other friends talk about how their parents are divorced and don't speak to each other, or they themselves haven't talked to a parent or sibling in years (by mutual consent) it makes me see my family as special and not run of the mill.

By run of the mill I don't mean humm-drum, I mean growing up I thought everyone had a family like mine.

Families are meant to be around for each other, and children are not supposed to start from scratch.

Even when I was half-way around the world, I always felt close to my family. Even now, I have famly half-way across the world; family I have not met I feel close to them.

When you are born all you have is your family, and pray when you pass from this earth you still have family.