Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tears From the Onion!

Tears of laughter that is!

The Onion reports on the terrible events that led to the death of OCindy Bin Sheehan's other son:

Before Sheehan moved to New Orleans, he was a struggling coho-salmon fisherman in Oregon's Klamath Basin. However, when the Bush Administration relaxed federal protection of the endangered fish, Sheehan's catch became contaminated with mercury. He gave up fishing and moved to Oakland, CA, where he opened a free clinic, which lost its federal funding in 2002 for giving out oral contraceptives to poor women.
Source: The Onion -
Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans

ROFLMAO! Read the whole thing for yourself!

While the Onion tilts left they are not at all afraid of giving well deserved pokes to looney leftists!