Tuesday, September 27, 2005


From Florida.

It was real great visiting all of our out of states friends and family, but it is good to be back. There is nothing quite like one's own bed.

The flights going there and coming back were pretty hum-drum, but some may say the stormy weather we flew through to Detroit were not. I pretty much slept through the stormy weather.

The weather was warm and humid but not intolerably so. The day we arrived we had a lot of rain and it was off and on. Getting in front of a TV it was clear the rain and the windy weather was Rita-spawn, not Rita. The next day was partly cloudy and very warm and humid. We went golfing and it was real warm out there. I was soaking it in. However, towards the end I was always on the lookout for shade, as the sun was intense and I did not have any sunscreen on. When we finally got back to the clubhouse the air conditioning felt wonderful. We had our lunch and returned to the out of doors. I did not recall it being soooo hot & humid!

My cousin's wedding was nice. The minister who presided was a stand up comedian. One line was "is that your final answer?" None the less it was nice. We were treated to a little piano recital prior to the ceremony we heard one piece in full and it was the middle movement of Beethoven's Pathetique Piano Sonata. It was nice I had never heard the piece played live before.

The reception was very nice. A full review of the dinner will happen later.

There is something very alluring about the tropics. It goes beyond the heat and the humidity since we can get hot and humid weather up here.

Our trip back was okay, we checked out of the room and our Aunt and Cousin came to get us and we hung out at their house for a bit and then went to lunch. Then we returned to their house until it was time to leave for the airport.

We returned to our house in Appleton at about 1:00 am CDT. It was a long day and indeed a long and enjoyable weekend.