Thursday, September 01, 2005


It takes some act of provocation to get people to act & talk stupidly. Recently all needed to get the left to do so is to just give them a broadcast medium.

Arthur Chenkoff has conveniently gathered up some leftist commentary that are shining examples of the above.

He quotes Bradblog (noted below), he quotes another leftist blogger who goes even farther and refuses to help period. He quotes not one but two German ministers who hope to save their jobs by lashing out at America. He quotes mid-grade Democratic congressmen and former officials from President Clinton's administration (highly placed ones as well).

Thanks Arthur! This way others and myself do not have to visit those disgusting blogs know what they are saying.

A couple of the commentators in the blog are no better.

Keep it up leftists, you are just losing votes!
BTW, here is a scene for Kyoto worshippers.