Thursday, October 20, 2005

Larry Wilkerson's Lack of Constitutional Understanding.

Larry Wilkerson Colin Powell's former chief of staff is whining how the President took over foreign policy. Hmmm, seems to me Mr. Wilkerson the Constitution grants the conduct of foreign policy to the President. If State Department personal don't like it then they can resign or get fired.

Its pretty simple Mr. Wilkerson, you do not determine foreign policy not even your former boss (or the current Secretary of State) in the end it is the President. Yes, I know you are being crafty and saying it was the VP & Rumsfeld who took over the State Department, but they did not do so on their own.

State Department working with the other Cabinet departments is supposed to carry out the Foreign Policy aims of the President, not set the policy.

Now obviously the various upper level officials of the departments advise the President but at the end of the day it is the President's job to set foreign policy.