Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Life, Liberty, and the Watching of TV.

Today Rush played soundbites from some Democrat whining about how Republicans are fighting a bill to fund digital to analog converters for analog TVs. Not too far into the future, all television broadcasts will be in digital, so if you have an analog TV then you need to get a converter box to watch TV.

Well, a little research indicates that yes indeed the congress is working to mandate a deadline to convert to digital broadcasts (not quite certain how the Feds get that power but I digress) and the one source I see notes that the bill proposes $4.8 Billion (or similar amount) to subsidize the purchase of converter boxes for poor people.

N- effin -O!

You do not have any such right to watch TV in any sort of transmission mode. To watch TV you have to earn enough to purchase a TV and to pay for the service (if you have cable or satellite). If you want to watch TV after the cutover to digital then you have to earn enough to purchase the box or a digital ready TV. Simple, we all know its coming get ready and if you miss it and have to go sometime without TV I am quite sure you will be okay. In fact, among trendy lefties (usually though not exclusively) it is a badger of honor not to have a TV or to have not watched it.

This is obscene. You know, I am not one to condemn the West in general for living the lives we do, but even the poorest of us are envied as wealthy in much of the world. Our people are too poor they can not afford an effin digital converter? Tell that to someone in Africa, the Philippines, Bangladesh, or India.

Here is one source of information on this. MSNBC had some articles I was going to link to but it froze my browswer.