Sunday, November 13, 2005

September's Greatest Beer.

Deals with the Ronnie Earle sham indictments of Tom DeLay. Dr. Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report (IIRC, it was his blog and not one of his co-bloggers there) called on Tom DeLay not just to step down from his leadership position but to resign from congress all together.

In response I said:

Now, Tom DeLay has certainly done his share to earn the ire of small government conservatives or perhaps has not done enough to earn their praise. His latest statement on how the budget does not contain enough pork to pay for hurricane relief certainly has a lot of his normal supporters up in arms and perhaps those supporters are on the sidelines now.

Absent a conviction or a plea deal Tom DeLay should not step down from his office for him to do so would reward ... corrupt use of a DA's office.
Source: Blogger Beer Right vs. Right. 9/29/2005.

Now. Dr. Shackleford noted the blog and linked to it and noted I was a loyal (if disagreeing on this point) reader. This then caused me to ask for him to add Blogger Beer to the Jawa Report blogroll, which he did! That was a boost. The Jawa Report to this day remains my #1 link and #1 hard link.

Anyway, the contrast between Ronnie Earle and Patrick Fitzgerald is quite stark. Their professionalism contrast with each other quite a bit. You have a head-hunting publicity seeking DA in Ronnie Earle who abuses his office to bring ruin to his political opponents. That he has persecuted Dems who were not to his liking as he has done so with Republicans, does not make him honest it just adds to his corruptness. Recall, he indicted Kay Bailey Hutchinson after she won her election and the judge threw the case out of court. Not only is Earle persecuting a political opponent his first couple sets of charges were clearly inadequate and like all inventors he just went back to the drawing boards.

Then of course he had to find grand juries that saw things his way or hated Tom DeLay as much as he did. Then don't forget the film he is a star in while persecuting Tom DeLay. All of this means Ronnie Earle is abusing his office and I fully expect the charges will be dismissed.

Patrick Fitzgerald OTOH is nothing that is Ronnie Earle. I will call Ronnie Earle all of the things I do because he is what he is. However, I respect Patrick Fitzgerald and feel he has done the right thing and I suspect he will get a conviction on Libby.

Good Night.