Tuesday, November 15, 2005

September 2005's Greatest Beer.

This man is considering a run for the job that Mark Dayton is quitting (Minnesota's other senator), this is probably going to doom him.

I guess I should not be flabbergasted a leftist actually believes in treason. Of course providing aid and comfort to the Islamist terrorists in Iraq is not treason it is patriotism, and trying to defeat Islamist terrorists and establish a beachhead of liberal governance in the Middle East is treason.
Source: Blogger Beer - A Leftist Actually Believes Treason Is Possible. September 24, 2005
Which leftist was that? Al Franken and this blog happened after his comments on national TV on how the President, Scooter, the Vice President, and Karl Rove were going to be executed for treason.

This was the blog that was seen by over 500 sets of eyes. Of course, it was a trackback to a site that was linked to on Drudge that brought on the avalanche of visitors.

It brought out some commentary by leftists who were gloating how there were going to be dozens of indictments and they were going straight to the top. I responded with facts (the exact nature of the laws in play here) and the fact that it was premature to gloat over a dozen indictments, never did I claim there would be no indictments. As it turns out I was correct, one indictment.

Anyway this ends the greatest hits for Blogger Beer's first year! I will continue with fresh blogs as appropriate and possible. Thanks for reading Blogger Beer!