Tuesday, November 08, 2005

April Brews. April's Greatest Hit.

Well, actually Brew, the greatest brew from April 2005.

This is what Mark Levin refers to as judges foisting their "personal policy preferences" upon the public. In fact this is exactly what happened in the recent decision to prohibit the execution of those who committed their capital offense as a minor. The majority did not like the law as it stood ("most desirable resolution") and then went fishing not only in USA law and jurisprudence but also left our boundaries and went to international sources to support their claims.

The SCOTUS essentially told us many people in the states found capital punishment in these cases as being abhorrent, then why does the legislature not abolish them? Seems to me the people were okay with that situation and it was the SCOTUS who were not happy with those laws and decided to dig up any clam they could to justify what THEY wanted.
Source: Blogger Beer - Justice Scalia and The Courts. April 23, 2005.

This series of blogs was well commented on and earned Blogger Beer a hard link from a left oriented blog.

Essentially, it was commenting on the proper role and job of the courts and how our courts are being abused. One thing those of us on the right must keep in mind, we too demand for judicial activism, and in any event we should fear a right leaning judicial activists as much as lefties, why? If they rule as they desire and not as the law says then we had better hope they stay on the right and do not wander off to the left.