Sunday, November 06, 2005


The mood is as dark as the music (Kronos Quartet Winter Was Hard). The Packers lost again, next week they win. Every week from now to the end is a point of no return on a winning season. [MA elaboration, the best they can finish is 9-7 a winning record, however if they lose one more game the best they can finish is 8-8 which is neither a winning record nor a losing record]

People half-jokingly, half rationalizing say we are playing for a draft pick this year. Well, I put the fault of this season on one person and one person alone. Ted Thompson.let not one but two all-pro offensive guards go.

Reports I have heard said (IIRC it was Wahle) was gone, see ya, sayanara, so long, thanks for all the fish and so on. The other wanted to stay and was willing to talk but it sounds like this Packers outfit under Ted Thompson wasn't interested. This is too bad as the O line is weak and even a layman like myself can see it.

I suppose, the Pack has to pay for that extremely heavily backloaded contract to Brett.